Thursday, September 28, 2017

PLAGUE - A Blaze of Unholy Fire (demo tape '17)

From their thrones, built of human bones...the Order of the Scythe is rising!

From the Bulgarian catacombs, PLAGUE spreads sickness by performing hanuting, pissed black/thrash like the old cults Nifelheim, Urn, Sabbat, Amon... recorded in 2016, their debut demo spits 3 insults (+ cover) and is released on 66 cassettes by Terozin Mag & Tapes in cooperation with the band. 2nd demo almost will leave some jaws hanging. enlight the dark path and to spread the PLAGUE

Pro-CD comes from Chaos rec. (Mex) at 16.10
Sample from demo 2:
For more info:

Shipping starts from 5.10 

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