Tuesday, July 4, 2017

ОБЕРЪН - Течен Метал (1991-1993)

Aborted from the innards of the post-communist district slums of Sofia City, ОБЕРЪН (Oberon) was a 3-piece destruction unit, which lived short in the beginning of the hellish 90’s. Influenced by Sodom, Venom, Motorhead and mainly their nightmare ghetto surroundings, the band touched the raw bestiality reached by the old Medellin gods few years earlier. It is filthy, rude black/thrashnoise like Astaroth, Blasfemia, Nekromantie, Nemesis and Poison/DE (especially on the reh. recording). Full of teenage aggression, desperation and rebellion, the hooligans left few recordings dating between 1991 and 1993 before fading into the grip of the daily life struggle.

25 years after these atrocities, TEROZIN MAG & TAPES in conspiracy with “Inner Mysteries” proudly presents this compilation tape featuring the demo „Течен Метал“, the rehearsal “Деветте Кръга на Ада“ + the first track recorded by the band in 1991. Those hellish chants are restored and remastered from the original tape with new artwork and tons of extra photos added on the 166 copies. Clean-sound, sigil-loving hipster fags - avoid! It is 50 minutes of torturing noise from the early 90’s Balkans nightmare. Satanic, crude and created on caveman equipment, ОБЕРЪН takes no prisoners!

Price: 3 euros + shipping, wholesales available. Trades are possible, but please ask first. Shipping starts from next week (10.07)

Taste the trash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgZJIsVdjTU

Purchase at: terozin@abv.bg

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