Tuesday, February 14, 2012

English copies!

30 copies made on english. first 6 already given to the guys from Toxic Trace and Darko (Terrorblast prod. - great fucken distro!) If any shitface is interested - drop me a line - ill let you know the final price (0 euros, haha TRADE ONLY!). Keep supportin violent, raw metal!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


ЕКСХУМАТОР (the Godfather, the "be-all-and-all" of the old bulgarian death/black/thrash underground - Ivo "The Piff")
AXECUTOR (raw & ancient speed/thrash, Bulgaria)
SAVAGERY (violent US-style thrash, Chicago/Illinois)
DAY OF EXECUTION (pounding old-school death, Bulgaria)
ASCENDED DEAD (rumbling death/thrash like Slayer/Terrorizer/Necrovore, San Diego)
DEAD CONSPIRACY (fucken UG legends...deathrashing violence on speed! US/Oregon)
ДЕМОН (carwling from the filthy depths of the 90's bg underground! Sofia)
MASS GRAVE (face-melting death metal totally in the old school vein! Bulgaria/Kustendil)
More coming your stinking way!