Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hello, brutal dudes! I present you the first and last issue of "POGREBALNI USLUGI" (translated as Funeral Services) It's an unpretentious, ugly zine which was supposed to be a release from me and another local guy. Eventually, he stepped back, but I decided to do it alone, since I had some materials ready. The zine is dwelling into the death metal realms, bringing great interviews with Morpheus Descends, Rippikoulu, Wormridden, Manipulator, Nameless Tomb, Inisans, Bones from Belgium, Torture Rack, Old Chapel and Nekro Drunkz. Inside you'll find also articles about the phases of human body decomposition, the medieval torture devices and some schizophrenic mumbling about football hooligans, prostitutes and so on. A handful of reviews also...

Strictly cut & paste done with no computer! A5/48 pages/100 copies on english. Trades are preferred!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

SARITAP (Bul) - "Sorcerers of the Seven Gods" Tape

With great honour, I present you the 1st official release of the local act SARITAP

"Sorcerers of the Seven Gods" represent hypnotic, ritual-like black metal from the ancient lands of Thrace/Bulgaria. It is deep, riff-based and with some thrash, death and even doom influence dwelling into the mystic atmosphere. The demo was recorded by this young artist back in the summer/autumn of 2014 with the help of Alexander (Aryan Art, Sturm Kommand, Flamen, etc.) pounding the drums and taking care of the organic production.

Released by "Terozin" mag on 100 promo tapes to spread the word and stay for eternity. The main goal is to find a proper label for Saritap...to re-release the stuff or to release his future material, since the guys is working on it. Labels, zines and all concerned get intouch for a copy at:

terozin@abv.bg or