Monday, February 29, 2016

IMPALE JESUS - "Impaled Jesus" (Demo)


IMPALE JESUS - "Impaled Jesus" (Demo)

Dismal tones ot putrid and raw death/doom coming from the cavernous depth of the Bulgarian underground metal. Those tunes of morbidity were recorded on 4-track back in '97, but were never released until now. For fans of: Necro Schizma, Eternal Darkness, Imprecation and such...

Delivered on 100 tapes to satisfy your hunger for rotting death metal remains! Special thanks to Alexander (Aryan Art, Flamen, ect) for the sound improvements.

Ask for copy at:
Trades are more than welcomed!
Otherwise, the price is 2 euros + postage.
Shipping starts from next week (7.03)

Sample - the song "Агония":


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