Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"ПОГРЕБАЛНИ УСЛУГИ" is no more... / SARITAP re-release

"Funeral Services" was all traded/sold/ass-wiped. I'll be coming with TEROZIN #5 in 2016. Better looking, more pages, totally cut & paste, following the traditional principles. A lot of ugly deathrash dudes spitting bullshits, and me bicthing about how modern life sucks.

On other hand, Saritap's debut tape will be re-released by IRON BONEHEAD. This time with better sound and looking totally pro - like everything he does. A limited batch of red shirts on their way also. Support SARITAP - true manifest of rude, ancient metal!

I am also seeking materials right now and preparing a new tape release by an old bulgarian death metal band. Morbid and totally evil recording, dating from the mid 90's. Fans of demo-times of Rottrevore, Cenotaph (MEX), Killing Addiction and Infester... Beware.

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