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INTRO: Ok...what makes those fins great is the pure nostalgic feeling that will twist your stomach with the filthy sound of the REAL metal! Call it speed, thrash or heavy - it really doesn't matter. Scorching vocals, violent speed and a lot of double leads over the hammering bass sections. It's uglier then the rotting Jacko's corpse, bringing memories of the old Razor, Whiplash and Agent Steel! The band unlashed 2 demo tapes and the debut MLP is still hot! So, let's have a little chat with the chaps!

MEDAROV: So, let the interrogation begin! Who are the rangers? Share the line-up and some brief history notes.
RANGER: We are skull shocking metal unit from Helsinki, Finland. Dimi on bass and vocals, Miko pounds the drums, Verneri and Jaakko share the guitar duties. We got together in 2009 and there's been a few minor changes in line-up like Miko switching from drums to guitar and Dimi picking up the bass. Verneri joined after the “Metal Gear” demo to satisfy our hunger for double lead guitars.

M: Why did you changed your name from Turbin to Ranger? Turbin sounds also cool...
R: We didn't have a real name, so we just called our band Turbin for awhile. We knew it wouldn't last forever and then came RANGER.

M: So, I was totally obsessed with both of your demo tapes - where did you record those little monstrosities? How much copies were made and what was the feedback?
R: "Metal Gear" and "Combat Metal" were recorded at the Long Bridge Militia headquarters aka. our rehearsal place. We lost count after doing 300 of both of them, we'll keep doing more until the MLP is out and after that maybe a compilation tape that includes both tapes so all the maniacs who want to get those can! Feedback has been great, there's even a japanese pressing of "Combat Metal" out on Record Boy.

M: Where do you rehearse right now and how is the process of creating songs going in your gang? I mean, is there something like a "boss" of the band or everyone contributes?
R: RANGER and FORESEEN (insane crossover band, check them out!!!) shares the rehearsal flats under Konala ice hall at Helsinki. We work together a lot, but Miko's a real riff junkie who comes out with insane stuff all the time. He always brings new ideas for us to start working on. Dimi does most of the lyrics by himself. 

M: What is the lyrical content of your muSICK?
R: Post-apocalypse, HEAVY METAL, Sci-fi, 80's action flicks.

M: "Knights of Darkness"...well, well, well! I can smell the gem that little MLP will become! Promote your devilish deed, if someone is totally stranger to your music how will you describe your debut release?
R: "Knights of Darkness" is an overdose of skull fracturing 1000 mega watts metal nightmare. It's sounds like the real deal HEAVY METAL music should sound with drums that pounding like a freight train, vocalist that rips the night apart with he's screams and guitars that melt your face with double hot metal attacks.

M: Where did you record it and who was the producer? Which label released this and are you happy with the overall result? Also, what equipment did you use to create this ancient feeling incorporated in your songs?
R: It was recorded at Black Floyd's Analog Soundhouse and we produced it by ourselves. Ektro records are putting it out in September we are totally satisfied with the sound and look of this release. We used only tube amps, everything was analog, recorded and mixed on tape.

M: Looking to some of your live stuff on internet and seems like both the crowd and the band are pretty excited on those violent gigs. How is the typical Ranger show? How many concerts have you played and which ones were the most attended, brutal and so on...have you played outside Finland?
R: The typical Ranger show contains blood upon the stage, metal rushing through veins, stage dives, crazy fanatic Ranger maniacs tearing the place apart. We've played Helsinki a lot and some shows outside, like Tampere two weeks ago which was great! We have some dates booked abroad as well, like a couple dates with the Obnoxious Youth in Sweden on August!!!

M: How do you find the scene in your homeland? In Terozin #2, I have had the pleasure to talk with Forced Kill - they are fucken nuts! Recommend us some unknown incoming acts from Finland.
R: We love Forced Kill, they are total maniacs for skull splitting metal and they borrowed their guitarist Konsta to fill in Verneri's boots on couple of shows during this summer!! Finland has a great scene and here's some bands for you to check out that we really recommend: FORESEEN, SPEEDTRAP, MAAILMANLOPPU and LORD FIST!!!

M: Now...the inevitable - your top-5 LPs of all-time? Which are the Ranger influences?
Alright! Dimi: Judas Priest - Defenders of Faith, Anvil - Metal on Metal, Slayer - Hell Awaits, Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time, Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac
Miko: Motorhead - Bomber, AC/DC - High Voltage, Judas Priest - Stained Class, Destructor - Maximum Destruction, Deep Purple - In Rock
Jaakko: Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak, Motorhead - Bomber, MC5 - Kick out the Jams, Judas Priest -
Sad Wings of Destiny, Exodus - Bonded by Blood

M: So, what's now in front of Ranger? Working on a full-length, I suppose? Gigs? Wanking...whatever...
R: Writing songs for future releases, playing shows, hanging out, parties and concerts.

M: That's it motherfucker! I'll be watching you. Any last smartass words?
R: !!! SUPREME EVIL - SURPRISE ATTACK !!! Listen to Judas Priest !!

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