Saturday, December 28, 2013


HO-HO-HO! So, after hiding 1 year in the basement like Quasimodo and with a huge delay - here it is! Brand new and glamour free, I present the 4th cut & paste spit! The stories of blasphemy and filth are told on A4/40 pages by:

ENVENOMED (schizophrenic deathrash brigade/CHL) 
RUDE (bulging death metal pus/US) 
RANGER (crude and really noisy speed metal/FIN) 
MAXIMUM OVERSATAN (Cronos smiles!/US) 
POISONED (the ugliest thing up-there after Auschwitz/POL) 
NUKLEAR ANNIHILATION (raw black metal, full of misanthropy/BG) 
BATTERY (too fast, my ass, fuck off.../DNK) 
CONCRETE (gory death metal from the city of Noise/BGR) 
QASSAM (fuck humanity! misanthropic black/thrash warmetal/HUN) 
DIVISION SPEED (ugly speed/thrash from the warfields/Germany) 
CEMETERY LUST (like fucking a pregnant nun in the cemetery/US)
BLASFEMIA (looking back to the caves of the Medellin metal/COL) 
SCAPEGOAT (terrorizing the locals with death since the 1990/BGR) 
DEATH INVOKER (vile deathrash sickness like it's '86 in Peru) 
MANZER (proudly stands for the traditional black metal kult/FRA)
MOLD (pain-ridden screams of terror from the dungeons/DNK)
SAVAGE STREETS (heavy as the burden of war deathrash/CAN)

The price is 2 euros + postage, but as you know - trades  for tapes and zines are preferred. In january/2014, some of the best EU distros will have copies, so be warned!


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