Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Final line-up for TEROZIN #3


After a 2 months delay (thanks to some of the bands!) it's almost over...here are the bands:

SAVAGERY (violent BA-style thrash, Chicago/Illinois)
AXECUTOR (raw & ancient speed/thrash, Bulgaria)
DEAD CONSPIRACY (fucken UG legends...deathrashing violence on speed! US/Oregon)
MASS GRAVE (face-melting death metal totally in the old school vein! Bulgaria/Kustendil)
ASCENDED DEAD (rumbling death metal like Necrovore and early Kataklysm, San Diego)
HELLBRINGER (spreding the unholy Aussie cult with their debut album)
DAY OF EXECUTION (pounding old-school death, Bulgaria)
DEATHRONER (the most vile black/thrash metal horde around, Canada)
WITCHING HOUR (epic black/speed for all graveyard ghouls out there, Germany)
DEATHHAMMER (no description! If you don't know them - fuck off!)
NEKROMANTHEON (Rise, Norsk violence, rise...)
WITCHES HAMMER  (exhuming the ashes of the obscure, Canada)
DEMON (carwling from the filthy depths of the 90's bg underground! Sofia)
EXHUMATOR (the Godfather, the "be-all-and-all" of the old bulgarian death/black/thrash underground - Ivo "The Piff")
OATH OF CRUELTY (death/thrash like Sodom, Sadus, Hypnosia...leaving a barren land behind, USA)

+ the usual bunch of shitty reviews!

Some final words to be added and it's off the hook - thanks to all my trade buddies!

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