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Antichrist (SWE) - Interview back from 2010

This interview was published in the 1st issue of know these swedish fucks! Their debut "Forbidden World" (CD/Vinyl/HRR) is a god damn MUST! Buy or Gay!

Medarov: Hi, there Sven! Whats up! First of all thank you for the interview! Introduce ANTICHRIST to the readers. (if someone buy this shit eventually haha)
Antichrist: Hi this is Gabbe, Steken and Sven answering your questions. Antichrist is a five piece metal band from Sweden with intentions to spread the fastest most evil music there is across the world. We have released two demos, "Crushing Metal Tape" (2009) and "Put to Death" (2010), so far.

M: I see the band was established in 2005. What did you do in the years between 2005 and 2008?
A: Back in 2005 the idea to start a real thrash metal band was planted inside the brains of Steken and Sven after a Destruction gig. We had no name, no music and only two members. It took us 2 years to change that and in 2008 we recorded our first demo "Crushing metal tape". After the recording of that demo our bass player Gobbe joined the band, thus completing the line-up. Until this day it is the same:
Steken - vocals
Gabbe - guitar
Filip - guitar
Gobbe - bass
Sven - drums

M: Who are the bands that influenced you music? I can hear some old Slayer for sure!
A: Yes Slayer is one of the influences but we find inspiration from many genres and not only music. Some other bands that inspire us are, Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden, Possessed, Exodus, Deathrow, Destruction and so on. We could go on forever... As you probably allready realize it is heavy, thrash and speed metal that inspire us the most.

M: Are you happy with the sound of your first 2 demos? Where did you recorded them? They have this unique oldschool sound!
A: Yes we are! The first one is recorded under very simple conditions and with little knowledge of what we were doing. Guitars and bass were recorded in our rehearsal place, the drums in a studio and the vocals in a friends apartment. The recording of "Put to Death" was a little more professional. We recorded it at a friends studio with good equipment and the approach was overall more serious.

M: What inspires you to write those freaky lyrics?
A: Violent movies, violence in real life and listening to heavy metal while being intoxicated. We are also inspired by occultism and the dark forces. Of course other things can inspire us aswell. Inspiration can come at any time in any situation I guess...

M: Who drawed those radical, sick front covers? Both looks great - screams "HAY FAGGOT, I AM AN OLDSCHOOL THRASH METAL TAPE! LISTEN TO ME, YA CUNT!" Fits the music perfectly!
A: The first one was drawn by our good friends Kriss and David. The second one was drawn by David alone but with some last editing from Melle who also released both our demos on his home based tape label "Home taping cruelties". Obviously we are very happy with the result in both cases! They look fucking mean!!!

M: How was the response worldwide on the fans and the fanzines?
A: The response has been great!!! People seem to really like and understand what we are doing. We haven't seen many reviews though, only a few, so perhaps there are some bad ones out there aswell! Hehe...

M: How often do you play live? And whats the typical ANTICHRIST show? Where are the most destructive shows and where are the worst ones?
A: We have played live six times so far. Our first gig was at Muskelrock in 2009 and since then we have played in Germany, Norway and some other gigs in Sweden. We have also had time to play at Muskelrock a second time! Hopefully we will just keep on playing more in the future! A typical Antichrist show is a fucking lesson in violence, hehe! So far the overall support has been great. Fast music, intense head banging and a lot of sadistic people in the crowd!!

M: What the fuck was that smell on the first release of "Put To Death?" Seems like something has crawled and died in my dogs ass!
A: It was rotten goat blood, the german way. It was a surprise from Melle - extreme, we like it!

M: Are you happy with the job BLOOD HARVEST (i order quite regulary from this guy) did with your first tape, and is it somewhere to be found? Any copies left? Also - for all the readers! Where they can score "Put To Death"? 
A: Yes we are happy with the Blood Harvest version of the demo, which looks a little bit more "professional" than the german version from H.T.C. However, the german one has a homemade feel to it that we appriciate even more. They both did a good job as far as we are concerned.
M: Whats your opinion on the so called new wave of thrash metal, worldwide? Do you think ANTICHRIST belongs there? 
A: What wave is that? The Earahce-beer-thrash wave? We don't feel like we are a part of any scene and we like it that way. Most of todays thrash/speed bands suck and especially in that party-thrash wave. But there are a few good, and even great, bands that deliver the goods today!

M: You guys are involved in a couple of pretty rad death metal bands as Eviscerated, The Rotting, Graveless. But ANTICHRIST are straight forward thrash band banging like its '85! Do you like both genres and who are your favorites on the notarious swedeish death scene? Hows the metal scene nowadays in Sweden, through your eyes?
A: Yes of course we like both genres! Why else would we play in such bands? Some of our favourite swedish death metal bands are Merciless, Dismember, Entombed, Carnage, Treblinka, Grotesque, Nihilist, Nirvana 2002 and from later days we would to mention Repugnant and Necrovation. Of course most so called death metal bands are extremely crappy but you don't have to listen to that shit! There are some good bands in Sweden that we choose to listen to instead. It seems to be mostly heavy and death metal.

M: What happened with Eviscerated? The Rituals of Reanimation demo was great shit!
A: We have been featured on two compilations since we released our demo tape and even though we haven't been very active in quite some time we are still not finished here... There will be more!

M: You came from a central-swedeish town of Vaxjo! Hows life there? Recommand us some good beer, weed, venues...and yeah...some good bands from your area!
A: Life's good here... This is a very small town with not many places to go but we have one place that orginize some good gigs now and then. It's the guys who organize the Muskelrock festival that organize these gigs aswell. We don't have any beer from our home town but there is a cheap beer from around here that we like. It's called Smaland. We usualy smoke whatever weed we can get our hands on but sweden is very strict when it comes to cannabis. Some good bands that are/were from Vaxjo are Bullet, Carnage, Hypnosia, Witchgrave.

M: Whats your opinion on those faggot, melodic, ass-raped, make-upped-in-the-ass bands like In Flames, Sonyc Syndicate, Scar Symmetry and such?
A: Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em all!!!

M: INTERNET! Has its good and bad aspects! Whats your opinion on it? Does it help you or you think the mp3s and such are killing the real music? We don't think that the internet is killing real music. 
A: The music industry can go fuck itself anyway. But of course you'd rather listen to the real deal than some crappy mp3. Overall the internet is probably hurting big bands and buisness men more than it hurts the underground.

M: Last, but not least - whats in the future for ANTICHRIST? Full-lenght, maybe? Or just laying back and fucking nice swedeish chicks...
A: Yes a full-length is on it's way! We are in the studio right now actually. We are recording it in the same studio where we recorded "Put to Death" and so far, so good. Hope you guys will like it! And yes, of course we like to fuck swedish chicks... But also exotic women from all over the world.

M: Thats it from, dude! Thanks for the fast response and hope i hear more often from you from now on! Keep on demolishing! Any last words?
A: Thank you, Medarov for the interview and support. Stay insane!

If you want to contact us about shirts, gigs or whatever just send a letter to:
Gabriel Forslund
Notovagen 10
325 44 Vaxjo

Or an email to:

Thrash the trash! Uh!


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